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About Us

Brian’s Best Gluten Free…. A Labor of Love

As a little boy, Brian suffered from excruciating leg pains, troubling skin rashes, not-so-funny flatulence and a curiously big belly for such a skinny kid.

Just 3 weeks into kindergarten, Brian was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

Back then (1999), Celiac Disease was essentially an unknown condition, and gluten was a relatively unknown term.  Faced with the challenge of finding kid-friendly gluten free food, it didn’t take long to realize how tough this road would be, especially when it came to bread.

When Brian took his first bite of gluten free bread from the supermarket, crocodile tears began to flow from his eyes and the corners of his mouth fell to a quivering frown.  At that moment, I vowed to myself that I would find a way to make bread that:

  • Doesn’t fall apart
  • Has a soft and chewy crumb
  • Tastes and feels like real bread
  • Is wholesome and nutritious
  • Doesn’t have a funky aftertaste or gritty feel
  • Doesn’t require toasting to taste good
  • Everyone enjoys so sharing is fun

So, after hundreds of trials, errors and abysmal failures, I finally developed a recipe for gluten free bread that even our finicky 5-year old loved.

We hope you’ll love it too!

Brian’s Mom